Our Story

We are a local social enterprise focused on connecting people and the places they live in.

Through our game, we hope that you discover new things that enrich your life—whether it is a hidden gem of a business, or a new understanding of your neighbourhood's true identity. That you see Singapore in a new light, through the many secrets lying beneath its manicured facades. That you join us in mourning the things that were lost, sacrificed to our never-ending march for progress.

And most of all, that you will have some serious fun making memories with friends, lovers, and family.

The Company

We are a fully-bootstrapped local social enterprise. We've managed to get by because thankfully, enough people enjoy the game to keep our lights on!

Our Story

Hidden Singapore was founded by two ex-classmates who bonded over the misery of exams, and made the science of happiness a lifelong obsession. Our mission: to make Singapore and Singaporeans happy.

Our Work

We have created customised experiences with tailored learning and development outcomes, and all-inclusive day outs (with meals and drinks) for our corporate clients. Due to our proprietary and highly customisable technology, we are able to offer a range of exciting experiences to suit all team sizes and budgets. With various immersive routes around Singapore, there's bound to be something that your team will love.

Discover why organisations such as GIC, Grab, LTA, Singapore Sports School, People's Association, NUS, etc. have been on a Hidden Singapore adventure.

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Tanjong Pagar
Tanjong Pagar
Toa Payoh
Toa Payoh
Chinatown (Corporate)
Chinatown (Corporate)

What Is Hidden Singapore?

Hidden Singapore’s enigmatic “catbot”, Void Deck Cat, turns ordinary places in Singapore into exciting and immersive multiplayer games that allow people to build genuine connections with each other and with the place itself.

Over 10,000 people have played the game since it launched in mid-2022, and companies like Grab, Lazada, TikTok, GIC, LTA, and Capitaland have used it for team building.

How It Works

For each game, you will be solving a trail of clues around the neighbourhood on foot.

Clues will be delivered to all team member's phones over WhatsApp.

Solve each clue to unlock hidden secrets as well as the next clue. Request hints if you get stuck.

Enjoy scheduled breaks during the game, at curated spots where you can shop, eat , or explore.

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