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About Hidden Singapore

We are a social enterprise offering innovative, interactive, and immersive indoor team building activities suitable for schools at all levels. As a committed social enterprise, we collaborate closely with the Ministry of Education (MOE), schools, and teachers to ensure our content is tightly aligned to your specific learning objectives.

Engage us for a unique and dynamic approach to education that meets the demands and objectives of emerging 21st-century competencies.

❤️ $1 per player donated to the Financial Assistance Education Fund

Boost Engagement

Transform lessons into interactive adventures, increasing student involvement and retention.

Diverse Learning Approaches

Our games support various learning styles, offering customisation to suit your learners’ needs.

Social-Emotional Growth

Develop essential skills like empathy, resilience, and teamwork.

How it works

🔎 Immersive educational puzzle trails

📍Awesome indoor locations around Singapore

⏱️ Average duration: 1.5–2 hours

🧑‍🏫 Self-guided monitoring app provided to teachers

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Our Educational Tours in Singapore

More than just your usual Learning Journeys

Embark on a captivating authentic learning journey through Singapore with our bespoke educational tours. Students have the chance to delve into the city’s vibrant culture, pioneering technology, and innovative business landscape. Beyond the usual itineraries, we guide young minds through the hidden nooks that define Singapore’s unique character, from the breathtaking Jewel to the bustling Marina Bay Sands, sparking curiosity and discovery at every turn.

Keep Students Dynamically Engaged

Our unique approach to education is designed to engage students in a dynamic and compelling way, setting the stage for the development of vital skills and competencies needed in the current climate. Through challenging puzzles and clues embedded in our games, students are intrinsically motivated to think deeply, analyse situations and apply logical reasoning in dynamic environments. Moreover, our adventures are inherently collaborative, fostering a strong sense of teamwork and interpersonal communication skills among the young ones. 

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Schools We’ve Worked With

"HIDDEN's chatbot-based games are excellent pedagogical tools for experiential learning. The chatbot function allows games to be easily scalable to large groups. I highly recommend this clever way of getting students to learn immersively from their surroundings while having fun too!"

- Tim Wong, NUS Senior Lecturer

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Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Journey for Students in Singapore

Our curated educational tours offer students an interactive deep dive into Singapore's most illustrious landmarks through exploration-based challenges. Each location is an opportunity to unravel the threads of innovation, culture, and history that weave together the fabric of this vibrant city. Here's what each unique value-based learning journey location has to offer:


Students will embark on a Marina Bay Sands tour and immerse themselves in the architectural marvel of MBS, understanding its sustainable design and how it complements Singapore's urban landscape. They'll explore the integration of luxury tourism and environmental strategies, gaining insights into advanced urban planning and development.


For our Jewel tour, students experience a harmonic blend of nature and cutting-edge design. They'll study its world-class facilities, understanding how this iconic destination enhances the travel experience and contributes to Singapore's status as a global hub.


Vivocity offers students insights into Singapore's retail ecosystem, showcasing the dynamics of mall management, customer engagement, and the strategic design of one of Asia's most prominent shopping hubs.

Suntec City

Suntec City provides a case study in mixed-use development, revealing the complexities of large-scale property management and the importance of creating integrated spaces for work, leisure, and retail in a metropolitan setting.

Our learning journeys adopt a game-based approach, with exploration-based challenges that are crafted to cater to a wide range of educational levels, typically suitable for students aged 10 and up. We can tailor each authentic learning journey to fit your institution's specific curricular needs, ensuring that the educational experience aligns perfectly with your objectives. The student-centric learning journeys are suitable for Visual Learners, Audio Learners and Kinesthetic Learners as well.

Absolutely, our learning journeys are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor each tour to align with the specific educational goals and curriculum requirements of your institution. Whether it's a focus on sustainability, character and citizenship education, National Education (NE), or Education and Career Guidance (ECG), we consult closely with educators to craft a bespoke itinerary that maximises authentic learning outcomes and high student engagement. This personalised approach ensures the educational experience is relevant, insightful, and perfectly suited to the students' needs.

To ensure a high-quality, personalised experience, we recommend booking learning journeys at least one month in advance. This allows us to customise the programme to best suit your institution’s needs and to secure the availability of venues and resources.

What sets our educational tours apart is our commitment to not just show, but to engage and inspire. We go beyond the surface, delving into the stories behind each location, fostering critical thinking and real-world connections that textbooks alone cannot provide. Our interactive approach ensures that every learning journey with us is an inspiring chapter in the students' educational story. The educational tours are suitable for enhancing the learning of National Education (NE) topics, as well as for orientation and post-exam activities.