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No additional app download required — just make sure your device is fully-charged with internet access!

Team Bonding In Mind

Corporate team-building package led by our chatbot, teams play without third-party intervention during the game, allowing for a fun and organic team-building experience.

Fully Customisable

Our team-building events are highly customisable and can be tailored to suit all team sizes and budgets.

About Our Corporate Team-Building Package

Discover the ultimate team-building experience with Hidden.sg, your trusted partner for engaging corporate activities. Embark on a unique adventure guided by our innovative chatbot, Void Deck Cat, through WhatsApp. 

Dive into a thrilling quest filled with puzzles, uncover local treasures, support community businesses, and unearth fascinating tales within Singapore’s neighbourhood. Whether you prefer a leisurely exploration or a competitive sprint, our corporate package will bring your team closer together with a new sense of camaraderie. Customise your experience with alternative routes for larger group sizes, enticing prizes for victors, opt for an on-site game facilitator, and deliver insightful post-event debriefings—all tailored to ensure your team feels motivated, connected, and enriched.

How the Team-Building Event Works

1. Send An Enquiry

Fill out our short enquiry form with your team building event requirements, and one of our friendly Hidden Singapore staff members will get back to you lightning fast!

2. Receive Your Tickets

The Hidden Singapore team will set up your game for you and issue the game tickets to all teams on the day, over WhatsApp. For big games, we will plan out different routes for each time to prevent overcrowding at one location.

3. Start

Ready, set, go! Once your teams are set up and ready to begin at the game starting point, you will be handed over to Void Deck Cat via WhatsApp. Our pawsome feline friend will guide and assist you throughout the duration of the game for all participating teams. Stuck or need a clue? Void Deck Cat is here to help!

4. Play

Let the fun begin — guided by our chatbot (Void Deck Cat) via WhatsApp, you will solve clues, discover hidden gems, check out local businesses, and learn interesting facts and stories in the local neighbourhood.

Play at your own pace, or race against the clock, with scheduled breaks and surprises at our local partners along the way to keep you and your team energised and happy.

5. Finish

After teams finish their game, they can see their placing on your very own bespoke event leaderboard. For any players wanting to keep memories of the good times, they have the option to download their post-game selfies!

If you have gone for the prize add-on in our bespoke package offerings, you can distribute them accordingly to the winning team players (don't forget to celebrate!).

Our Happy Corporate Customers

Our clients are raving over our team-building packages! From thrilling puzzles to unforgettable adventures, see how we turn team outings into extraordinary experiences that spark joy and unity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Refreshing team bonding experience

It was a great team bonding experience, solving clues and learning about the area. It took us 1.5h in total and time just went by really quickly. The breaks incorporated were brilliant. We definitely wouldn’t stop at one game and plan to try out the other locations next time!

A journey around Tanjong Pagar

I like the experience with my colleagues as we get to solve clues together. It's quite enjoyable walking around with them and having see a different side of Singapore where I have not visited before.

Silvia Y.
Fun and interesting experience

Very fun experience that provides good exercise and interesting facts of Singapore that even locals may not know of! Good to come prepared with walking gear, hat/umbrella and water. Very suitable as family and team bonding activity. However there were times we got lost and important to keep a look out for traffic.

Highly Recommend!

The clues were creative and the use of the chatbot to coordinate the entire game is absolutely brilliant. The game is also very well paced. Big shout out to the team behind Hidden SG! They were so responsive and helpful when I had questions. Would really recommend this activity for any corporate bonding day… You just might get hooked and want to try out the other locations too! 🤣

Michelle L.
Excellent team bonding games.

The games is very well planned and creative. It is really fun and Adventurous. Really good for team bonding.


Our team-building packages promote collaboration and communication among teammates while introducing participants to local culture and businesses. Bond with your colleagues through a unique blend of fun and learning tailored to bring teams closer together in an unforgettable experience.

Yes. Based on our experience, our games are recommended for ages 10 and above! We offer both indoor and outdoor adventures, though please be advised that some locations may involve walking and climbing steps. We are committed to ensuring an enjoyable experience for all and encourage teams to consider these aspects when planning their adventure with us.

Nope! We have run team-building events for corporate businesses hosting over 1000+ players before, so the sky is the limit when it comes to the number of players in our packages.

The more the merrier!

Our team-building games are designed with Singapore's weather in mind! In general, the majority of the game route is under shelter (except for our indoor games, which is 100% sheltered).

We also have scheduled breaks in between for your company mates, and you can also choose to pause your game and restart the game later (or even at a later date) as you wish.

Certainly! Once you have ordered your ticket, you will receive an email to the email address you provided with a setup link. Click the link to set up your game: if you have 4 tickets or more, you can choose to set up more than 1 team.

You will be asked to provide the phone numbers for each team captain as part of the setup process.

Certainly! There is no hard limit on the total number of players in a team, though we recommend teams of between 2 to 5 players for the best experience.

If you buy a ticket for 6 players, you can choose to set up your game to have 2 teams of 3 players, or 3 teams of 2 players, for a more competitive experience (may we suggest losers buy drinks? 😜)

Absolutely! Our packages offer both indoor and outdoor team-building activities, ensuring there's something for everyone, regardless of the weather! Dive into our exciting indoor challenges or embark on an outdoor adventure exploring hidden gems. Whether you prefer the comfort of the indoors or the thrill of the outdoors, we've got you covered for an unforgettable corporate team-building experience!

If you find yourself needing assistance or have a question during the activity, our friendly chatbot, Void Deck Cat, is here to help! Just send a message with 'Stuck' for an extra hint, 'Lost' for directions, or 'Skip' to move on to the next clue. In case of an emergency, don't hesitate to call us directly at +65 8875 3993. We're here to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable!

Our company games are playable in a variety of locations all across Singapore. You can browse our team-building package locations above or check our corporate games page.

For a comfortable and enjoyable company team-building adventure around Singapore, whether indoors or outdoors, here's a list of recommended items to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Power bank for your mobile phone
  • Hand sanitiser


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