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Hidden Singapore’s enigmatic “catbot”, Void Deck Cat, turns ordinary places in Singapore into exciting and immersive multiplayer games that allow people to build genuine connections with each other and with the place itself.

Over 10,000 people have played the game since it launched in mid-2022, and companies like Grab, Lazada, TikTok, GIC, LTA, and Capitaland have used it for team building.

Players meet together at a specified location (usually at an MRT station) at a mutually agreed time, where they start talking to Void Deck Cat over WhatsApp. The clock starts ticking as the cat guides the team on a trail of clues around the local area, where they have to put their minds and five senses together to solve puzzles in order to learn interesting titbits about the area and move on to the next clue.

Along the way, the team is asked to interact with local independent businesses, who surprise them with gifts sponsored by Hidden Singapore, such as free drinks or plushies. There are also scheduled breaks along the way at interesting F&B spots. After solving the final clue, the team is directed to their game page, which lists their timings, the mistakes they made, and the selfies they took.

Yes! The best way to understand how the game works is to experience it yourself. Some of our games are available for free from time to time, or if you are interested to try a paid game, please contact us by email and we'll send you tickets (we recommend playing in a team as half the magic is connecting with each other).

You can see our list of game locations here: www.hidden.sg/games

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