Gift an experience!

Gift an experience!

Looking for a unique and unforgettable gift? Surprise a loved one with the best gift of all—a fantastic day of adventure with friends and family!

Hidden Singapore presents an extraordinary opportunity to uncover the city's secrets, making every day a fantastic journey of discovery. Our experiential gift vouchers unlock access to a selection of immersive games across various iconic locations in Singapore. Each game is a doorway to a new world, waiting to be discovered.

Here are the games available for gifting:

  • Holland Village
  • Tanjong Pagar
  • Dakota
  • Toa Payoh 
  • MBS
Regular price$29.90


👥 Solo adventure or play in teams
▶️  Open-ended tickets: start your game anytime from 9-6pm, daily!
🕒  Average duration 2-3hrs
🎟️ 1 ticket/ pax
💬 Add a custom message to your giftee's game!

What Is Hidden Singapore?

Hidden Singapore’s enigmatic “catbot”, Void Deck Cat, turns ordinary places in Singapore into exciting and immersive multiplayer games that allow people to build genuine connections with each other and with the place itself.

Over 10,000 people have played the game since it launched in mid-2022, and companies like Grab, Lazada, TikTok, GIC, LTA, and Capitaland have used it for team building.

How It Works

For each game, you will be solving a trail of clues around a neighbourhood on foot. Clues will be delivered to all team members’ phone via WhatsApp.

Solve each clue to unlock hidden secrets and the next clue. Request hints if you get stuck. Enjoy scheduled breaks during the game, at curated spots where you can shop, eat, or explore.

Why Choose an Experience Gift?

Build Memories Together

Opting for an experience gift offers a unique and memorable way to celebrate special moments. These gifts stand out by providing not just a day of fun but a lifetime of cherished memories, fostering stronger connections through shared experiences and discoveries.

Mindful Consumption

Moreover, experiential gifts present a thoughtful nod towards sustainability, gently reducing the environmental footprint associated with the lifecycle of physical gifts. This choice aligns with a growing desire for mindful consumption, offering a meaningful alternative that benefits our planet while still bringing immense joy to our loved ones.

Fits Any Occasion   

Suitable for any events, from date nights to corporate team building workshops, and adaptable to any recipient of all ages, experience gifts cater to a broad spectrum of interests. Whether it’s uncovering the secrets of a neighbourhood or enjoying a day filled with puzzles and exploration, these gifts ensure that there’s something unique and exciting for everyone, making every celebration a bit more special.

Hidden Singapore’s Experience Gift Voucher

Gift an unforgettable adventure with our experience gift voucher, the perfect present for explorers of all ages. Here's everything you need to know about gifting and redeeming this special experience:

Kickstart Your Journey

Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you'll receive a direct message on WhatsApp where you’ll be given instructions on how to set up your game. If you’ve bought a team ticket, be sure to add your teammates to the group chat on the game day. Once you’ve set up your team, you’re all good to go!

Choosing the Adventure

The beauty of our gift vouchers lies in their flexibility. Recipients are empowered to choose their preferred adventure location from a curated list of Singapore’s iconic neighbourhoods. This choice ensures the experience is tailored to their interests and curiosity.

How to Redeem the Voucher

Redeeming the voucher is straightforward. Hidden Singapore will send you a WhatsApp message where detailed instructions will be provided, guiding you on the journey of discovery.

Personalisation Options

To add a personal touch to your gift, the voucher includes the option to attach a custom message to express your sentiments and well-wishes.

Validity Period

The voucher is valid only on the specific date (and time, if applicable).

Refund Policy

All tickets purchased and orders placed are non-refundable. Should a game be cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will strive to find alternatives, such as rescheduling or offering exchanges for other products or services. In the rare instance where an event is cancelled due to reasons within our control, the decision to issue a refund will be made solely at our discretion.

Don't take our word for it

Might be biased but this best outdoor adventure game SG has to offer...The highlight was definitely getting to interact with the local vendors that were woven into the trail.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (SeekSophie)

I discovered new places even though I lived in the neighbourhood for years. It was so fun going through the quizzes with friends. An afternoon well spent!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

Love the interaction experience with local businesses during the game. Rediscovered things that were missed out even though I frequent the area. Enjoyed the history behind the landmarks as well.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)


It was a cool experience [part of a birthday gift] with a loved one this year, where we treasured more so through the covid years that time spent together means more than physical gifts.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

Got introduced to the game through my boyfriend, and it was honestly a lot more fun and interactive than I expected! There are some bonuses along the way to keep you motivated and engaged, which is a definite plus in my book.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

It was beyond my expectation. A lot of fun and they designed the game very thoughtfully. One of the most fun things I have done with friends in Singapore this year.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

I really liked Hidden SG’s game. The goofy riddles, the really cool insights into Tanjong Pagar that I hadn’t known before, and the convenience of using WhatsApp to get close to real time feedback.

Yun Da

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

My husband and I are adventure seekers crossed with a bit of geekiness. So this was the perfect adventure day out while learning so much about Holland V. It was excellent game play and I would definitely recommend this as a team bonding game, date game or even do one as a family outing!


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (TripAdvisor)

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