Corporate Treasure Hunt / Amazing Race in Singapore

Bring your team closer together with a corporate Amazing Race adventure chock full of Singapore’s hidden secrets!

About Treasure Hunt Team Building

At, we specialise in crafting treasure huntteam-building experiences that bring your employees together through creativity, friendly competition, and a touch of historical intrigue. Our unique corporate Amazing Race experiences are tailored to foster collaboration and problem-solving skills, with a competitive edge provided by a live leaderboard that tracks each team's progress.

Each scavenger hunt is designed to take corporate teams on an Amazing Race through the heart of Singapore’s liveliest locales, discovering hidden gems and untold stories along the way. 

From the lantern-lined lanes of Chinatown to the luxury-lined walkways of Marina Bay Sands, teams will engage in a thrilling race against time, solving puzzles and completing challenges. Participants will embark on an immersive journey with fellow teammates, utilising WhatsApp for a seamless and interactive experience. Explore significant landmarks and local neighbourhoods to discover fascinating aspects of Singaporean culture and history along the way, while competing with other teams to beat them to the end goal.

Most importantly, we believe such company events aren’t just about who places first at the end. They’re about bringing people together to learn, explore, and create lasting memories. 

With durations flexible to your schedule, catering to any group size, and options to suit various budgets, it’s time to uncover an engaging, meaningful, and adaptable way to strengthen team bonds.

Build Team Synergy & Skills Through Amazing Race Team Building’s Amazing Race-style team-building activities are designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration among participants. 

Through engaging challenges and creative problem-solving tasks, teams are encouraged to communicate effectively, think critically, and work together towards a common goal. This fun and immersive experience not only strengthens existing bonds but also helps foster new connections through shared experiences and memories.

It’s more than just a run-of-the-mill corporate bonding activity; these immersive experiences are crafted to improve leadership skills, boost morale, and foster a sense of achievement among team members. 

By participating in our Amazing Race, your team will leave feeling more united, motivated, and ready to tackle any challenge with a collaborative spirit.

Treasure Hunt Highlights

Each corporate Amazing Race begins with confirmation of your team ticket and payment. Once payment has been completed, a team leader will receive a WhatsApp message from us prior to game day to set up the game.

On game day, the team leader will be able to add teammates to dedicated WhatsApp chats.

When you’re all ready to go, our mascot, Void Deck Cat, will give you your first instructions via WhatsApp. The game timer will go off – there’s no turning back now!

Solve Void Deck Cat’s trail of clues around the chosen neighbourhood on foot. All team members will receive clues via WhatsApp on their phones, so you can strategise your game plan together.

All courses are timed, which acts as your final score. Time penalties will be given out for incorrect answers, hint requests, or skipping clues, which will affect your score.

The Amazing Race team building activity will end once the last group makes it to the end, during which the winners will be declared too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Refreshing team bonding experience

It was a great team bonding experience, solving clues and learning about the area. It took us 1.5h in total and time just went by really quickly. The breaks incorporated were brilliant. We definitely wouldn’t stop at one game and plan to try out the other locations next time!

A journey around Tanjong Pagar

I like the experience with my colleagues as we get to solve clues together. It's quite enjoyable walking around with them and having see a different side of Singapore where I have not visited before.

Silvia Y.
Fun and interesting experience

Very fun experience that provides good exercise and interesting facts of Singapore that even locals may not know of! Good to come prepared with walking gear, hat/umbrella and water. Very suitable as family and team bonding activity. However there were times we got lost and important to keep a look out for traffic.

Highly Recommend!

The clues were creative and the use of the chatbot to coordinate the entire game is absolutely brilliant. The game is also very well paced. Big shout out to the team behind Hidden SG! They were so responsive and helpful when I had questions. Would really recommend this activity for any corporate bonding day… You just might get hooked and want to try out the other locations too! 🤣

Michelle L.
Excellent team bonding games.

The games is very well planned and creative. It is really fun and Adventurous. Really good for team bonding.


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