HIDDEN.sg takes part in weekend of enabling activities

HIDDEN.sg takes part in weekend of enabling activities

Helping people find hidden gems is a key mission for HIDDEN.sg and nothing makes us happier to do this while alsoĀ contributing to the greater cause of enabling people of all abilities.

On March 23-24, we partnered with Enabling Village, a first-stop hub that empowers persons with disabilities and their caregivers, to deliver an interactive adventure game that helps explore two of Singaporeā€™s most well-known neighbourhoods.

Through a series of puzzles and clues, the game took players on a physical trail that included famous landmarks, alleyways and streets of the area.

Open to all, the game was part of a two-day pop-up event organised by Enabling Village called Kopi Ai Mai. The event also included workshops, performances, and a movie under the stars.

To play the HIDDEN.sg game, players used a mobile phone with the WhatsApp messaging app installed. They simply sent messages to the Void Deck CatĀ chatbot over WhatsApp and it would return with instructions on where to find the next clues and solve intriguing puzzles.

For example, Void Deck Cat would ask users to head to various parts of Tiong Bahru and Redhill to answer a riddle or a question with clues that are nearby.Ā 

The latest interactive quest builds on our earlier success in developing interactive games and activities around Singapore.

In November 2023,Ā our popular adventure game was introduced at Changi Airport to enable users to explore the world-famous landmark through digital clues delivered to their phones.

HIDDEN.sg'sĀ chatbot-led games have already won multiple awards, including the TripAdvisor Best of the Best Award for 2023.Ā 

Since their launch in May 2022, more than 30,000 players have signed up for HIDDEN.sg games that help them explore various neighbourhoods in Singapore through a blend of history and fun.

From couples on a date to corporate teams gathered for a fun day out, users have been attracted to HIDDEN.sgā€™s adventure games by the rich content and interesting blend of the physical and digital worlds.

Indeed, working with Enabling Village has enabled us to better understand the challenges faced by different groups of people in society, and how to create digital experiences that meet varying needs.

We are glad thatĀ interactive games always draw out a curiosity for adventure that is inherent in everyone.