6 Innovative Team Building Activities to Enjoy With Your Team This June [2024]

6 Innovative Team Building Activities to Enjoy With Your Team This June [2024]

Halfway through the year already, and let's be honest—the weather is still warm in Singapore, but the office walls still seem to be closing in. Well, why not break free from the monotony of work and find something fun to do for the whole team? 

Here are 6 unique team-building activities that will get you and your colleagues bonding and creating lasting memories, all while escaping the office!

1. Play For Keeps At A Board Game Cafe

Board games have come a long way from the days of just snakes and ladders. From the strategic thrill of a game like Saboteur to the collaborative storytelling of a quick tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) campaign, there's a whole world of interesting games to play with (or against!) your teammates.

Luckily, Singapore has a thriving board game cafe scene. King and The Pawn, nestled on Purvis Street, offers a fantastic selection of party games perfect for larger groups. Plus, to keep your team fueled for a winning streak, they also serve a delicious brunch menu—so you can keep the brainpower flowing and the fun going all afternoon!

2. Stay Cool in Indoor Escape Rooms! 

If your colleagues tend to shy away from outdoor team bonding activities, an indoor escape room is an excellent alternative! With an indoor escape room concept, Hidden’s Jewel & Marina Bay Sands corporate adventure game offers an immersive experience that keeps participants engaged and challenged while staying cool indoors!

Instead of the typical meeting room setup, this activity encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills in a dynamic and enjoyable environment. Teams can interact with Voideck Cat, the virtual buddy, and break into smaller groups to enhance collaboration.

After completing the game, teams can transition to nearby restaurants at either of the malls for a delightful meal together. It's a refreshing way to bond and have fun outside of the usual office routine.

3. Grow A Green Thumb Together: Urban Gardening

Remember when our parents told us to ‘get back to our roots’? Maybe this is exactly what they had in mind! Urban farming is a fun and unique team-building activity that also promotes a green message. It lets you explore new ways to cultivate crops without needing a vast amount of space. Plus, there's something undeniably satisfying about preparing a meal using ingredients you've grown yourself – it really takes the cake!

For a hands-on experience, check out Edible Garden City at their farm in Queenstown. They offer workshops that teach sustainable gardening skills, perfect for both beginners and seasoned green thumbs. On top of learning valuable skills, you can pick up upcycling techniques and enjoy a multi-sensory farm tour, making it a truly enriching experience for the whole team.

4. Get Tufting. Literally!

Looking for a hands-on team-building activity that doesn't require getting your hands dirty (well, not too dirty)? We've got you covered—and with a fuzzy trophy to take home at the end! Tufting has exploded in popularity recently, offering a more tactile and visually stunning alternative to traditional knitting.

The process involves using a specialised tool to punch yarn loops into a fabric base, allowing you to create custom rugs and wall art. It's a fantastic team-building activity that caters to everyone's creativity. Let your imagination run wild at Tuft Club and design a tufted rug together: a unique keepsake that will remind you of the fun you had bonding with your colleagues.

5. Explore The Southern Islands


Adventure awaits, and it's closer than you think! Singapore's Southern Islands offer a unique escape for your next team bonding event. Imagine a yacht cruise whisking you away to the tranquil shores of Lazarus Island, where you can relax and enjoy a picnic with your colleagues. Or, for the more adventurous, explore St. John's Island by paddleboard, soaking in the beauty of the surrounding waters.

Ready to set sail on your island-hopping adventure? Book your trip with Marina South Ferries and start exploring!

6. Chase Streets In An Outdoor Escape Room

Nothing quite fosters teamwork and collaboration like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt! Hidden Singapore offers a thrilling line-up of outdoor escape rooms designed to challenge and engage your colleagues. Whether you choose to tackle the challenges together as a single team or split up into smaller groups for some friendly competition, the focus is on creative problem-solving and communication.

Imagine navigating the bustling streets of Marina Bay Sands, deciphering cryptic clues at Jewel Changi Airport, or exploring the hidden gems of Holland Village—all while working together towards a common goal. It's an exhilarating experience that will leave your team feeling closer and more connected.

Ready to take your team building to the next level? Explore Hidden Singapore's exciting corporate team-building packages and book your outdoor escape room adventure today!