Planning A Children’s Day Outing Your Students Will Love

Planning A Children’s Day Outing Your Students Will Love

Planning a Children's Day outing that is both educational and fun can be a delightful challenge for teachers. The key lies in selecting activities that engage young minds, foster curiosity, and provide hands-on learning experiences. Fortunately for educators, Singapore offers a plethora of child-friendly destinations perfect for a memorable learning journey. Here’s how you can plan a school excursion your students will love, while incorporating some of the best spots the city has to offer.

Take An Immersive Learning Journey Through Marina Bay Sands

Plunge beyond the surface and explore the hidden gems behind the glitzy facade of Marina Bay Sands with Hidden Singapore. Our curated tours will have students diving into a thrilling adventure, solving fun challenges that reveal the secrets behind Marina Bay’s architecture, sustainability, art and technology. It’s the perfect mix of play and learning, keeping kids excited and engaged every step of the way! 

Taking place over 2 hours, the Marina Bay Sands tour package involves cracking cryptic clues, uncovering buried histories, and tucking into refreshments at some eye-popping destinations. If you’ve been looking near and far for fun things for tweens to do, this tour package should be ideal for your students.

A School Excursion to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

The first garden in Asia dedicated to children, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is designed to provide a space where students in Singapore can learn about nature through play. Perfect for a Children's Day outing that's close to nature, kids can explore lush forests, splash in gentle streams, and discover how fruits and vegetables are grown in the farm zone.

There’s even an adventure zone for them to climb treehouses, balance on a rope bridge and play with unique chairs that double as percussion instruments. Packed with fun activities to do, it’s an easy, accessible way to get students out of Singapore’s urban environment and enjoy the outdoors. 

Visit The Singapore Science Centre

Few places are more iconic and memorable for primary school children than the Singapore Science Centre. A treasure trove of interactive exhibits and educational programs, a school excursion to the Science Centre has often captured the imagination of young minds and rekindled their curiosity for the world around them.

Students can anticipate a range of workshops and activities throughout the seasons, including upcoming events like Tinkerfest, scheduled for June 2024. Tinkerfest will offer garden-themed arts and crafts, providing a creative and immersive experience. Additionally, students can explore workshops such as Discovering DNA, where they'll delve into understanding how DNA influences health.

On the other hand, younger students will be delighted by the laser maze, where they get to play ninja and manoeuvre around criss-crossing laser beams. Lastly, students of all ages will undoubtedly enjoy watching a movie at the Omni-Theatre. A state-of-the-art 3D digital IMAX dome theatre, it’s the perfect way to cap off an unforgettable Children’s Day trip in Singapore that’s both riveting and educational. 

Be sure to check on Singapore Science Centre’s website! 

Explore The Magic Behind Changi Jewel

From the world’s tallest indoor waterfall to the lush and enchanting Shiseido Forest Valley, Changi Jewel is an inimitable wonder that mesmerises visitors. The view alone may be worth the trip, but Hidden Singapore takes things up a notch with our interactive school excursion that is equal parts nature walk and scavenger hunt.

You’ll start by tapping into your inner Sherlock Holmes and unlocking the mysteries of Changi Jewel before embarking on a full-blown expedition that whisks you and your students away on a whimsical learning journey unlike any other.

Guided by our own AI-powered chatbot, aptly named Void Deck Cat, participants will enjoy a series of activities designed to entertain children and teenagers alike. Keep your phone charged and your wits about you to see this iconic national landmark in a whole new light.

Get Off The Beaten Track With The Lim Chu Kang Farm Trail

If you prefer your teenage students to be engaged in fun activities near you, then the rugged Lim Chu Kang farm trail may not be on your radar. However, if you have a strong sense of adventure and want to push your students out of their comfort zones for Children’s Day, then this farm trail is a unique opportunity for them to learn about eco-friendly farming techniques and the importance of sustainability.

Walk through lush green fields, discover how local produce is grown, and find out how farmers in Singapore take on the challenge of raising fish and livestock on our land-scarce island. For students, it’s a chance to explore their natural surroundings and develop a sense of appreciation for agriculture and the environment.

Choosing The Right School Excursion

Take your students for a learning journey in Singapore this Children’s Day - with so many options to go over, it can be hard to select just one. Keep in mind that some of these activities may not be appropriate for all ages, so choose one that best suits their level, your time availability, and the number of pupils you are chaperoning. It is also important to balance elements like education, fun, interactivity, and novelty to ensure that your Children’s Day excursion is as memorable as it is enriching.

At Hidden Singapore, we add a twist to local attractions like MBS or Changi Jewel through our customised immersive tour experiences. Collaborating closely with MOE and schools, our excursions are aligned with your syllabus and learning objectives. Reach out to us to find out more about our learning journey packages for students, and let us show you a different side of Singapore.