15 Activities To Do In Tanjong Pagar [2024 ]

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15 Activities To Do In Tanjong Pagar [2024 ]

Discover Tanjong Pagar's Nightlife & Heritage!

What To Do In Tanjong Pagar

As the sun sets on Tanjong Pagar, the district awakens to a vibrant nightlife, with streets lined with bustling eateries and bars, beckoning both locals and tourists alike. The glow of neon signs and the aromatic fusion of local and international cuisines fill the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration of this dynamic neighbourhood.

Delving deeper into Tanjong Pagar, one uncovers the rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Once known for its pivotal role in Singapore's maritime trade, this district is now a heritage street for the city-state's architectural evolutions, past and present. From meticulously preserved shophouses to cutting-edge skyscrapers, Tanjong Pagar offers a visual feast and exciting activities that parallels the diversity found in its culinary offerings.

1. Explore Tanjong Pagar’s Heritage & Hidden Gems with Hidden

A hill of sin, Jackie Chan's station, and tea fit for Elizabeth.

Hidden Singapore invites you on an extraordinary journey through Tanjong Pagar, guided by the enigmatic Void Deck Cat. This award-winning treasure hunt is not just a tour; it's an interactive experience that challenges you to solve puzzles and riddles. As you navigate through the neighbourhood's streets and alleyways, you'll uncover hidden gems and learn the secret stories beneath its bustling exterior. From the historical intrigue of its past to discovering the local haunts that might have charmed personalities like Jackie Chan or even royalty, this tour promises surprises and delights at every turn.

For those seeking an adventure, booking this activity is simple. Gather up to 6 friends for a team, at $29.90 per person, and embark on this quest. Fancy a bit of friendly competition? Multiple team captains are encouraged—what's more thrilling than a dash of rivalry to discover who truly holds the key to Tanjong Pagar’s mysteries? The game begins and concludes at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, making it a convenient escapade for anyone ready to dive into the heart of Singapore.

Embrace the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery. Tanjong Pagar awaits with stories untold and wonders unseen. Are you ready to uncover its hidden gems?

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2. Indulge in Tanjong Pagar’s Cafe Culture

Tanjong Pagar's cafe scene is a world away from the towering office blocks that define Singapore’s business district. Hidden within its historic streets are cafes that serve as sanctuaries for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Here, the hustle of city life fades into the background, replaced by the soothing hum of espresso machines and the enticing aroma of freshly baked pastries. 

Each cafe in Tanjong Pagar offers a unique escape. In this place, the only demand on your time is enjoying a meticulously crafted brew paired with delectable treats. It's a haven where time slows, and the finer things in life take centre stage.

3. Visit the Tallest Building In Singapore

When you think of skyscrapers, towering structures of glass and steel likely come to mind, but can you name the tallest building in Singapore? The answer, Guoco Tower, might surprise you. Rising to a majestic height of 290 metres, Guoco Tower redefines the Singapore skyline. It's a vibrant vertical city pulsating with life, inviting people to live, work, and play in the heart of the city's bustling business district.

Within its imposing structure, Guoco Tower boasts six levels of retail space, starting with a lush, grassy event plaza perfect for an afternoon picnic or simply watching the world go by. For those looking to elevate their fitness routine, Virgin Active at Guoco Tower offers a futuristic gym experience with amenities like zero-gravity sleep pods and experiential showers, ensuring your workout is anything but ordinary. Cap off your visit with a dining experience at one of over 45 premium restaurants, offering the perfect setting for an intimate meal, whether flying solo or with a companion.

Guoco Tower

1 Wallich Street 
#31-01 Guoco Tower 
Singapore 078881
Open 24 hours, individual store opening hours may vary

4. Spoil Yourselves For Choice At Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre is among Singapore's go-to places to experience the local hawker culture, along with other hotspots such as Lau Pa Sat, Chomp Chomp, and Newton Food Centre. This iconic hawker destination is famed for its diverse array of stalls, each telling its own story through delicious, authentic Singaporean dishes. Notable mentions include Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, known for its tender chicken and flavorful rice; Zhen Zhen Porridge, offering comforting bowls of silky-smooth porridge; and Hainanese Curry Rice, serving up a tantalising mix of curry-drenched delights that are sure to satisfy.

Located a stone's throw from cultural landmarks such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Singapore City Gallery, Maxwell Food Center is an ideal starting point for a day of exploration.. Begin with a hearty breakfast at one of its famed stalls, fueling up for an adventure through Singapore's rich history and vibrant street life.

Maxwell Food Centre

1 Kadayanallur Street
Singapore 069184
Open from 8am to 2am, individual store opening hours may vary
Indoor (limited shelter while getting there)

5. Catch A Glimpse Of A Mythical Tooth

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, nestled in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown, is a majestic sight to behold. This temple and museum complex is renowned for housing a sacred relic: a tooth believed to belong to the historical Buddha. Visitors are often awestruck by the temple's grandeur, a giant stupa made from 320 kilograms of gold, where the sacred tooth is enshrined. The architecture and artefacts within its walls offer a deep dive into Buddhist culture and art, making it a spiritual and educational journey for all who enter.

If you find yourself in the area, consider offering a prayer or two within its peaceful confines. The temple also hosts weekly guided tours that provide fascinating insights into its illustrious halls, allowing visitors to appreciate the rich tapestry of history and devotion that the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple represents.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

288 South Bridge Rd
Singapore 058840
Open 7am to 5pm
Indoor (sheltered)

6. Visit Singapore’s Oldest Chinese Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple stands as a testament to the city-state's rich cultural heritage. Originally built by early Chinese immigrants to worship Mazu, the Goddess of the Seas, this architectural marvel was a beacon for those seeking safe passage across the treacherous South China Sea. The temple's intricate carvings and structures, designed without using a single nail, reflect the ingenuity and faith of its builders.

Before embarking on your next journey overseas, consider stopping by Thian Hock Keng Temple to pray for safe travels. It’s a beautiful tradition that connects visitors with the hopes and dreams of those who have come before, ensuring that the spirit of protection and guidance remains alive.

Thian Hock Keng Temple

158 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068613
Open 7.30am to 5pm
Outdoor (has sheltered areas)

7. Visit The *Other* Singapore Art Museum

Just south of Singapore, near the bustling activities of the PSA shipping port, lies an unexpected cultural gem within the industrial setting of Tanjong Pagar Distripark. The Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark offers a unique art experience far removed from the typical museum environment. Housed in a repurposed warehouse, it bridges the gap between contemporary art and the public. It also features exhibitions and installations from local and international artists alike. This venue serves as a canvas for creative expression, showcasing innovative and thought-provoking works that reflect Singapore's diverse cultural landscape and position within the global art community.

Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

39 Keppel Rd
#01-02 Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Singapore 089065
Open 7.30am to 5pm

8. Enjoy Korean Cuisine in Tanjong Pagar's Korea Town

Have you ever dreamed of wandering the streets of Seoul, indulging in authentic Korean cuisine? While a trip to Korea might not be on the cards for everyone, Singapore does offer the next best thing right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar. Known affectionately as Korea Town, this area is a culinary haven for all things Korean.

The stretch of Tanjong Pagar is lined with Korean bars and restaurants, offering everything from traditional bibimbap to modern Korean fusion dishes. Get ready to 'Seoul-search' through delicious dishes and 'Bibim-bop' to the beat of Korea Town's vibrant dining scene. Expect a vibrant atmosphere, hearty meals, and perhaps even a Korean pun or two as you dive into this immersive dining experience.

9. Check Out Singapore’s Development From A Bird’s Eye View

Ever wondered what our bustling city looks like from above? Skip the Google Maps aerial view; witnessing Singapore's skyline and landscape from a bird's eye perspective at The Singapore City Gallery is infinitely more majestic. Managed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) at the aptly named URA building north of Tanjong Pagar, this gallery offers an insightful journey through Singapore's transformation since independence and its ambitious plans for the future.

Inside, you'll find fascinating exhibits such as detailed replica maps showcasing the evolution of Singapore's landscape and a captivating projection mapping show that reveals the city-state's urban planning strategies. The Singapore City Gallery also does a unique, self-guided tour experience through the Questeon mobile app, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace and gain a deeper understanding of Singapore's architectural marvels.

Singapore City Gallery

45 Maxwell Road The URA Centre
Singapore 069118
Open 9am to 5pm

10. Indulge In The Intoxicating Nightlife

Tanjong Pagar's Club Street comes alive at night, transforming into a pulsating hub of bars, pubs, and clubs. Whether you're in the mood for craft beers, exotic cocktails, or simply a glass of fine wine, Club Street has it all. Explore thematic bars and pubs—such as "The Library" for its speakeasy vibe or "Bar Stories" for personalised cocktails—where each establishment offers a unique ambience and an extensive selection of libations. It's the perfect setting for night owls to experience the best of Singapore's active nightlife.

11. Shop at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and 100AM

Tanjong Pagar may be renowned for its gastronomic delights, but it's also an unassuming commercial hub for those searching for retail therapy. Amidst its more upscale alternatives, Tanjong Pagar Plaza stands out with its simpler yet equally satisfying shopping experiences. Here, you can find everything from local boutiques to international brands, all within a stone's throw of each other.

For a touch of Japanese culture, head over to 100AM. This mall is a hotspot for Japanese businesses, offering a range of products and foods of discernable quality. Whether you're looking for authentic Japanese cuisine, beauty products, or fashion, 100AM has it all, making it a must-visit for anyone craving a slice of Japan in Singapore.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza

1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001
Open 24 hours, individual store opening hours may vary

100 AM
100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Open 10am to 10pm

12. Attend A Workshop at The General Co.

The joy of creating something with your own hands is unparalleled. Imagine transforming raw materials into intricate, handcrafted goods, becoming a maestro of your own make. This is where The General Co steps in, a sanctuary for the modern artisan.

The General Co is not just a brand; it's a movement towards appreciating the finer aspects of craftsmanship and design. Specialising in curating experiences that blend traditional skills with contemporary aesthetics, it offers a range of products and services, from bespoke leather goods to artisanal workshops. Here, you're not just a customer; you're part of a community that values the beauty of handmade creations.

Ready to dive into the world of craftsmanship? Sign up for one of The General Co's workshops to make an experiential gift of your own. Whether you're interested in leather crafting or want to try your hand at woodworking, there's something for everyone. Let your creativity flow and craft a masterpiece to call your own.

The General Co

996 Bendemeer Rd
Singapore 339944

13. Discover Street Art at Every Corner

Graffiti breathes life into the urban landscape, turning dull walls into vibrant canvases. Singapore, often celebrated for its pristine streets, is also home to an eclectic mix of street art, and Tanjong Pagar speaks to this hidden vibrancy.

Among the things to do as you wander through Tanjong Pagar, keep your eyes peeled for wall murals and graffiti that decorate its alleys and facades. The street art here is a blend of traditional motifs and urban expressions, each piece telling a story of its own. So, take up the challenge: find every mural, capture its beauty, and share these open-air galleries with the world.

14. Open A New Chapter at a Vintage Bookstore

In the hustle and bustle of active city life, finding a quiet corner to dive into a book is a simple pleasure. Tanjong Pagar, with its quaint bookstores, offers just that.

Grassroots Book Room is a haven for those who appreciate the written word. Here, the shelves are lined with an array of titles, from contemporary literature to critical essays, all in a cosy setting that invites you to linger and explore.

Littered With Books, another gem in Tanjong Pagar, exudes a warm and welcoming vibe. This two-storey bookstore is a labyrinth of literary treasures, from bestselling novels to hidden indie publications. With its comfortable reading nooks and the scent of pages old and new, it's the perfect place to lose yourself in another world.

Grassroots Book Room

25 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089839
Open 12pm to 8pm Mondays to Saturdays; 12pm to 6pm on Sundays

Littered With Books
20 Duxton Road
Singapore 089486
Open 12pm to 8pm on weekdays; 11am to 8pm on weekends