5 Affordable Team Building Activities Under $30/Pax to Help Stretch Your Budget

5 Affordable Team Building Activities Under $30/Pax to Help Stretch Your Budget

Building a strong, collaborative team doesn't have to mean blowing the budget on fancy retreats or expensive activities. Honestly speaking, traditional team development games can often feel forced and forgettable. But don't worry; Singapore is bursting with hidden gems and unique experiences that can boost group bonding and camaraderie without breaking the bank.

This blog is your ultimate guide to uncovering cheap team-building activities to do in Singapore, perfect for groups of any size. From exploring iconic landmarks to getting creative with fun team-building activities, we've got you covered with a bunch of ideas. Ditch the stuffy conference rooms and get ready to bond with your colleagues in a way that's both fun and meaningful!

1. Unleash Your Team’s Inner Explorer with a Scavenger Treasure Hunt

Looking for affordable and engaging team bonding in Singapore? Hidden Singapore’s innovative outdoor escape rooms are your solution! These interactive expeditions turn Singapore’s vibrant neighbourhoods and iconic landmarks—think Chinatown, Little India, or even the Gardens by the Bay—into giant, city-wide scavenger hunts.

Working together on your smartphones, your team will crack cryptic clues, uncover fascinating local history, and navigate through Singapore’s diverse neighbourhoods. It's the perfect way to encourage communication, problem-solving, and a healthy dose of friendly competition – all at a low cost. Plus, your team will gain a deeper appreciation for Singapore’s rich culture and hidden corners!

Pro-Tip: Many Hidden trails—like the one with plenty of things to do in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) or the one offering a tour of Singapore’s iconic Jewel Changi Airport—allow teams to explore Singaporean must-sees on a budget while still indulging in exclusive treats from Hidden’s partner eateries along the way.

P.S. Looking for even more inspiration or interested in exploring Hidden Singapore’s unique and cheap team bonding event ideas specifically designed for your budget? Head over to our website and get in touch! We'd be happy to help you craft the perfect team bonding activities in Singapore with personalised corporate games for your company.

2. Conquer the Peak Together: Hike Up Bukit Timah Hill 

If you are looking for a team bonding activity that's both engaging and affordable, consider hiking up Singapore's highest natural point, Bukit Timah Hill. The panoramic views from the summit are definitely worth the effort, and the shared sense of accomplishment will leave your team feeling connected and energised.

This activity is perfect for teams of all fitness levels. Plus, it's completely free! Just pack some water, comfortable shoes, and bug spray, and you're absolutely good to go. For an extra dose of team spirit, why not challenge yourselves to a friendly competition? See who can identify the most bird species or who can build the most creative nature sculpture using fallen leaves and twigs.

3. Give Back and Bond: Organise an Eco-Conscious Volunteer Day 

Why not combine team-building activities with giving back to the community? Organise an eco-conscious volunteer day, from beach cleanups and park maintenance to volunteering at animal shelters. Working together for a worthy cause is a great way to foster teamwork, communication and social responsibility for work.

What's more, it's a chance to get some fresh air and sunshine while positively impacting the environment, which is a perfect outdoor team-building in Singapore! Many organisations provide all the necessary equipment and training, so you don't need any prior experience. Research different options online and choose a cause that resonates with your team. Spending a day volunteering together is a rewarding experience that will strengthen your team bonds and leave everyone feeling good about themselves.

4. Foodie Showdown: The Picnic Planning Competitions 

Calling all food enthusiasts! Here's a creative and delicious group game idea for team-building: a picnic planning competition. Divide your team into groups and challenge them to create the most mouthwatering and visually appealing picnic spread on a budget. Set a spending limit and let your team's creativity run wild!

The possibilities are endless, from finger foods and sandwiches to DIY desserts and refreshing drinks. Once the planning is complete, head to a nearby park and unveil your culinary masterpieces. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon feasting on your creations, playing games, and soaking up the sunshine. This activity is a fun way to encourage teamwork, resourcefulness, and, of course, a love for good food!

5. Insta-Worthy Adventure: Exploring Singapore's Street Art Gems

Attention to all shutterbugs and art lovers: Singapore's streets are bursting with vibrant murals, hidden alleyway installations, and larger-than-life sculptures just waiting to be discovered. 

Many local neighbourhoods are filled with unique artistic styles, from the whimsical and colourful works in Haji Lane to the thought-provoking murals in Gillman Barracks. Choose a specific area known for its street art or follow a curated online trail.

Work together to capture the most unique and interesting pieces on camera, discuss the artistic styles and the messages the artists might be trying to convey, and spark friendly competition with a "Best Street Art Photo" contest. This is gonna be a fantastic bonding game idea for large groups to explore different parts of Singapore and discover the works of talented local artists. 

So, grab your smartphones, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to capture the artistic side of Singapore for your next Insta post (and maybe even learn something new along the way)!

Remember: It’s All About Having Fun and Building Bonds!

The key to successful team bonding is creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Don't be afraid to get a little silly, embrace friendly competition, and celebrate each other's successes.

By following these tips and exploring these low-cost team-building activities, you can transform your workplace into a collaborative and thriving environment – without hurting your wallets. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your colleagues and get started today!